What it’s like to take sports pictures during a pandemic

Whenever I take pictures at basketball games, I try to get as close to the action as possible. 

However, I saw a different story here so I wanted to show you guys the whole gym. 

I’m at the first home game for the Norfolk State Lady Spartans.

250 people. 

That’s the max capacity allowed in Joe Echols hall on this warm Sunday evening.  

 The only sound we can hear is the fake crowd noise coming from the sound system. 

 Have you ever heard crowd noise when the home team is shooting a free throw? 

Not only was this game odd because there were less than 100 people present, but I also had to take pictures from the stands. 

The NCAA has a rule where only two photographers can be on the baseline at one time. 

I was the third. 

 At first, being told that I couldn’t take pictures from the usual spot was frustrating. 

 But after a while, I started to become grateful. 

It had been over eight months since I took photos at a meaningful sporting event. 

Being present at this game with all of its social distancing and Covid-19 protocols was not only a blessing to get back to doing what I love, but it was a memorable opportunity to try something new. 

 Hope you enjoy the pictures below. 

Gelani Banks

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