Track Stars

I’ve never taken pictures at a track meet.  

You can’t take pictures at a track meet if you’ve never been to one before, right?

So of course there were a lot of firsts. 

And when presented with new opportunities.

I like to  try something new.

I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Conference Carolinas for their Indoor Track Championship. 

They are such a great team to work with and I met a lot of great people.

The day was a blur. 

But in a good way.

Pole Vaulting, Hammer Throws, Long Jumps, High Jumps, Sprints, Relays, and Long Distance Runs. 

I felt like my head was on a swivel. 

And I liked it. 

Enough about me. 

I have many pictures to share with you all so let’s get to it. 

I hope you enjoy!

If you see yourself in any of these pictures just send me a email or dm me on Instagram and I’ll be sure to share. 

You guys/girls are the best!  Congrats to all of the winners at the championship. 

Hopefully if the championship is back in Virginia Beach next year I’ll see you guys then!

Gelani Banks

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