The Playground Keeps Score

No matter what happens, the playground will keep score.

I said this phrase to my wife on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the nearby park.

Our son hoisted himself on the monkey bars, to test his strength as he moved from one rung to another.

We’ve all been on monkey bars at some point in our lives. Some more dangerous than others.

The monkey bars are a popular obstacle at this playground, and while practicing his best Tarzan impression, our son accidentally ran into another kid.

This kid wasn’t hurt, but he was visibly upset and immediately pushed Gyasi off the monkey bars.

Gyasi wasn’t hurt either but his feelings were hurt.

I went over to him to tell him that even though what that kid did to him wasn’t right he has to be more careful.

You can’t control how people react to your actions, but you can always control how you react to theirs.

The playground keeps the score son.

Good and Bad things may happen, but if you do your part the wins will outweigh the losses.

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