My First Sports Photoshoot

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you need all of the best gear to take sports pictures.  People will say you need the newest version of the 70-200mm 2.8  and the newest full frame DSLR or Mirrorless. 

I didn’t have anything close to that and yet this is my first time taking sports pictures with my own gear. 

I had an 8 year old Canon T3i that I “stole” from my sister in law and a “nifty 50” that I purchased for $120.  

It was my best friend at the time.

Most would roll their eyes at this set-up.  

Especially for sports.

However, the fact that I had the most primitive gear helped build my skills as a photographer. 

I wasn’t relying on the fanciest technology to get the best picture.  

I had to know what I was doing and fail a bit before I came out with a few worthwhile pictures. 

One of my co-workers has a football team named the “Pedigree Dawgs” and I asked him if I could take pictures of one of his practices. 

At first I was nervous, but soon I started having fun and these are the results.

How cool is it that I have the pictures to look back at while seeing the growth I’ve had over my photography journey. 

It’s a constant reminder to keep taking pictures because that’s the only way you get better.

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Gelani Banks

A Grateful Heart Is A Giving Heart

This year during the beginning of the holiday season I had the opportunity to capture video for the Finney Family Foundation Annual Turkey Giveaway.  

Dorian Finney-Smith and his family donated over 200 turkeys to families in need in Portsmouth and Norfolk, VA.  

Such a blessing to document this beautiful event that impacted many families. 

I hope you enjoy the recap video below. 

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Toddler Birthdays Are The Best!

This is Isaiah

And he just turned three!

Can’t you tell by how excited he is? 

I was invited to his birthday celebration where we would eat his favorite foods.  For weeks he had been saying all he wanted to eat were salmon patties and rice and broccoli.  

Oh and of course he wanted cake

Isiah is such a great kid and he is loved by his mom and his gigi, his god parents and friends.  

So happy to capture these moments.

Happy Birthday Isaiah.  Can’t wait to capture many more!

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