On Taking Small Risks

One of my mom’s friends whom she met in college is a Real Estate Broker.

Being in real estate in itself is a business where you take risks.

We all know this.

It’s sales, eat what you kill, all of the above.

She started her real estate business over 20 years ago.

And at this point, she is one of the top brokers in Huntsville Alabama.

But I’ve seen my Auntie take a risk I’ve never seen anyone else do before.

She is a food storage connoisseur.

She will pour her leftovers into a Tupperware.

To the untrained eye, this Tupperware seems too small, but when she pours it into the leftover bin she fills it to the brim and very rarely has any left over.

It’s an amazing thing to watch time after time.

How does someone have a perfect size Tupperware for leftovers… every time.

I asked her this question and her answer?

I had to fail a few times but I just kept taking the risks until I got it right and now I know exactly how it works.

The stakes for these risks are very low.

If you fail, you have to get another container.

The lesson to be learned is that no matter how big or small the risk may seem (within reason).

It’s not going to be the end of the world.

Go try something new or something you thought was risky and see how it works out.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the results.

Happy Risk Taking!

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