Booker T’s Finest

This is Steven Whitley aka Diesel. 

Where does the nickname come from?

I never asked him, but I’ve watched the power that this young man possesses as he dribbles up and down the court.  

The name fits. 

Many of you know him from Norfolk State University,

Booker T. Washington High School,

Or even Norview Middle. 

One thing is for certain.  

He’s from Norfolk and it shows. 

Whitley puts in the work. 

He’s gritty on defense and will make you pay from all three levels on offense.

I heard him say it this evening, 

“Get in my way and it’s curtains for them boys.”

I met Whitley in 2019 at Boo Williams Sports Complex during an AAU Combine. 

I would have never guessed from that day I would form a bond with someone.

This bond has connected me to the 757 sports community in ways I couldn’t imagine. 

From courtside at Norfolk State Games, to private workouts. 

I’ve seen the work put in that translates to the court.  

This man loves the game of basketball. 

He finished one workout earlier and came straight to Booker T. to put in more work. 

Don’t ever question the work ethic, because it’s there. 

It’s probably why they call him Diesel. 

Diesel engines go for hundreds of thousands of miles. 

Like the engine, Whitley never stops working. 

You can see it in the photos below. 

And if you’ve never met him before I’d like to introduce you to number 34. 

Norfolk’s Very Own:

Steven Whitley

I hope you enjoy the photos. 

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